Address Numbers or Address Plaque: Which Is Better?

House Panel photoAre you making exterior renovations? As part of the remodeling, you may want to make your address more visible. Should you opt for individual address numbers or an address plaque? Each option has its respective advantages. Learn which is better for your home makeover.

Address Numbers

Individual address numbers come as separate units. The numbers come in various styles, so you have plenty of options. The advantage here is that you have more leeway in regards to arrangement. You can, for example, place the numbers horizontally or vertically. You can also choose to arrange them in a staggered formation.

Individual numbers are also less expensive. Buying five numbers is usually still cheaper than a whole plaque, especially if the latter comes in a deluxe design.

One drawback to using individual numbers is the installation. Each number requires two screws or mounting attachments. This isn’t a major problem, but it does require more grunt work.

Address Plaques

These contain the entire address number in a single reflective backdrop. You also have more options; some plaques come in contemporary or traditional designs for added aesthetic appeal. This makes them great for installation on the front porch or mailbox pole.

The installation is also easier, usually only requiring two screws. Multi-housing units and apartment complexes often use generic address plaques for marking individual dwelling units.

If installing a plaque, we recommend one with a background color that differs from the backdrop. If installing on a beige siding, for instance, then a plaque with a black background helps the numbers stand out.

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