The Best Locations for an Address Sign

Standard Green road photoOkay, so you just purchased a new address sign. This is a great call on your part for maximizing address visibility. However, where are the best locations for an address sign? Should you place it on the front porch, above the garage door, etc.?


Curb appeal is a huge factor for most homeowners, though the first priority should be about attaining the most visibility. Can a parcel delivery boy or emergency crew spot the sign from the opposite end of the block? Think about the layout of your landscape. Could bushes or other shrubbery potentially obscure the address sign when viewed head-on or from an angle?

Do Not Place on Door

Some homeowners decide to locate their sign on the front door. We don’t recommend this. First of all, it just looks awkward from a visual standpoint. Second, factors such as a screen door or keeping the door open for circulation can obscure the sign. Also, people searching your address may miss it because this is not one of the locations homeowners typically display the sign numbers.

Practical Address Sign Locations

Does the presence of the sign enhance visual appeal? Good areas for an address sign include:

  • On the post of your mailbox
  • On the siding right next to your door
  • On a stone or brick column
  • Above the garage door in a front-facing garage, keeping in mind that this placement is a bit high. While acceptable, it’s not ideal.
  • On a lamp post pole if you have one on the property

We Know the Best Spots for Address Signs

As an address marker provider, Safety Home Address is familiar with the top locations for placement. Shop at our site for our retail products. We carry various address markers for individual and multi-dwelling units. The best locations for address signs help maximize visibility while maintaining curb appeal.

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