The Best Locations for an Address Sign

Standard Green road photoOkay, so you just purchased a new address sign. This is a great call on your part for maximizing address visibility. However, where are the best locations for an address sign? Should you place it on the front porch, above the garage door, etc.?


Curb appeal is a huge factor for most homeowners, though the first priority should be about attaining the most visibility. Can a parcel delivery boy or emergency crew spot the sign from the opposite end of the block? Think about the layout of your landscape. Could bushes or other shrubbery potentially obscure the address sign when viewed head-on or from an angle?

Do Not Place on Door

Some homeowners decide to locate their sign on the front door. We don’t recommend this. First of all, it just looks awkward from a visual standpoint. Second, factors such as a screen door or keeping the door open for circulation can obscure the sign. Also, people searching your address may miss it because this is not one of the locations homeowners typically display the sign numbers. Continue Reading →

Options for Address Sign Colors: The Top Colors for Best Visibility

address sign colorsHaving a highly visible address sign isn’t just visually appealing; it also promotes safety. Should you ever require emergency service from first responders, you want to ensure they can easily locate your home. Certain options for address sign colors are better than others because of their higher visibility.

The Best Colors for Address Signs

The following colors apply to individual residences as well as multi-housing units. Consider any of the three color options below.

Green: Some municipalities—especially those in rural areas—have adopted the use of green for their road signs. This is because it is highly visible on reflective signs. Plus, many homeowners find green to be an attractive color due to its association with nature.

Blue: White numbers on a reflective blue background is another good choice. Some counties have used this design scheme for their city halls, fire departments, etc. Blue is very attractive and stands out against plants and foliage.

Black – Black as a neutral color is great for homes, condos, apartments, multi-family buildings, etc.

Red: We admit that red isn’t the most inviting color from a visual standpoint. Some homeowners find it overly bold. However, from a functional point of view, a red reflective address sign provides high visibility at a greater distance.

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3 Reasons You Need a Reflective Address Sign

reflective addressing productsHaving easily identifiable address markers for your home is extremely important. During an emergency, every second matters. You don’t want 911 1st responders wasting time trying to locate your house. In some cases, those wasted moments can mean the difference between life and death. In order to avoid unnecessary confusion and untimely delays, you should consider upgrading to reflective addressing products. Here are three major reasons to consider ordering an  address sign that can be easily seen from the road:

1. Emergency Responders Love Easy-to-See Signage

This is the biggest reason for reflective address signs.  When there’s an emergency and time is of the essence, make it easy for emergency responders to find your home.  These reflective signs show up very well day or night and are visible to drivers coming from either direction.

2. Hot Pizza & Other Food Delivery

Especially if your house is hard to see from the street, making your house number easy to spot is a sure way to get your pizza or other food delivered to your home while it’s still hot. Even in the city and the suburbs, house numbers are often very hard to see. Your pizza delivery driver will thank you! Continue Reading →